Wednesday, October 06, 2004

Marketing Ideas and Resources


Add AskColorado information in Library instruction courses
Academic reference 101 handouts with info. on virtual reference
Post URLs in variety of places on website; desktop link
Circulation desk promotion
Prospector – link AskColorado on it
Direct link to academic queue
e-mail newsletter
Press releases to campus newsletter/newspaper
Bookmarks – Spanish/English – included
Posters – residence halls, computer labs, union, at door when library is closed
PowerPoint – brief – to be incorporated into B.I.; post for URLs
Campus bookstores – distribute bookmarks
Two waves – beginning semester, mid semester
AskColorado user meeting in October; at CAL announce at academic section
Add promotion of AskColorado to verbal closing announcement – “The library is closing, but you can get help at"
Add promotion of AskColorado to library answering machine – “Library is not open, but you can get help at"
Use patron comments, sample transcripts, and statistics in meetings and trainings to demonstrate types of use and user satisfaction

Additional Marketing Resources

Marketing Material Order Form

Logos for print and web

Tips for Marketing

Sample Press Release


AskColorado Participating Academic Libraries
October 5, 2004
Meeting Minutes

Gayle Bradbeer (Auraria Library)- In person
Brooke Phillips (Adams State)
Dan Sullivan and two or three VR colleagues (CSU-Pueblo)
Allison Cowgill (CSU)
Lisa Blankenship (UNC)
Betsy Brodak and Anne Knipe (Mesa State)
Jennifer Knieval (CU Boulder)
Kathleen Jones (Remington College)
Carol Satersmoen (Aims Community College)
Beth Avery (Western State)
Joe Kraus (University of Denver)
Robin Ottoson (Colorado Christian) (not certain that she made it)

I. Discussion of August & September Usage of new queues.
Statistics for September indicate that 116 questions came through the academic queues and 155 came into the general queue with college research questions. Additionally, public librarians are reporting academic calls coming into the general queues. We had a general discussion about academic libraries linking to AskColorado by going directly to the academic login page rather than the general page.

Currently about 1/3 to ½ of people said they have this in place or are moving to implement. It was decided that all academics would do this. Below is the URL that you can link to.
Note: Beth pointed out that the URL for the login page is very long, which is true. So I used to reduce the size. So you have two options, you can use the whole URL:
or if you like, you can link to this page using:
Also related to AskColorado general queue questions, the point was raised that not all questions that indicate college research are. We talked about reviewing these questions to determine to what extent those are academic research. I think we decided that at this time, we would not do a formal review of these transactions.

II. Marketing
Betsy and others expressed concern that they are not able to use the AskColorado logo on their homepages due to design concerns. It was decided that, when possible, use the logo. (I placed smaller sizes at However, if you cannot put the logo, go ahead and put the link with text. (Reminder that AskColorado is trademarked as one word without a space, capitol A and C.) In fact, we recommend that you put the link, text or logo, on any pages on your website where students may have questions. This might include the database and catalog pages.
A smaller group of academics got together in August to discuss marketing ideas for academic libraries. The “Academic Marketing Campaign” is an addendum to the minutes. Please see below. We discussed some of the ideas. Beth said they have put the AskColorado poster next to their library hours so that people can see their other options when the library is not open. Allison said she has been talking about AskColorado in instruction courses, as has Kathleen. Allison is working with the school newspaper on an article. Lisa said they have bookmarks at both the reference desk and the circ desk. They put the poster at their reference desk when it is not being staffed. They also include information about AskColorado in their instruction classes. Another suggestion is that libraries add information about AskColorado to their library closing announcement and after hours answering machine message.

Some people did not receive the Marketing Kit which was sent out earlier this month. Sharon will send this to Allison, Jennifer, Carol, and Betsy. If anyone else needs this, please contact Sharon. Mainly, you can order marketing material by printing off and faxing the order form at:

III. Staffing and Holiday Schedules
We talked about holiday schedules and how to handle the times when libraries will be closed. It was decided that everyone will send Sharon their holiday closing hours. She will then determine the times when the academic queue will be re-routed to the general login queue. (Still need to check on how this will be done.) In this way, patrons can still be assisted during this holidays but we will not need to staff the academic queues.
The academic queue has been slow at times. It was suggested that we look at the September use and determine the busy times. Perhaps arrange the schedule so that we can have two people on during busy times and not staff during quiet times. (The example was 8-9 am on Fridays.) Sharon will put together a report of September Academic use by time so we can review this via email and make needed scheduling changes.
We discussed the gaps in the academic schedule. Specifically, Fridays we have open hours at 10-11 a.m. and 4-6 p.m. Allison and others volunteered to jump on some Fridays when they have time. Also, Sharon will cover these shifts and send out requests for specific coverage days when she cannot staff them.

IV. Promoting Live Homework Help
Discussion of Live Homework Help and how to promote this on campus. You can promote this through the tutoring and writing labs as well as in the library. Sharon will develop a flyer for you to use. Sharon will also change the wording on the Academic login page to make it sound more appealing for college students.

V. Recruiting Other Academic Libraries
Sharon asked that everyone assist with recruiting other academic libraries when they have a chance. The more participation, the more sustainable the project becomes.

VI. Resources and Assignments Specific to an Academic Institution
Joe asked if we could add links to all college library homepages in the software. He pointed out that this would help to quickly get the student to their own institution. Sharon will work on adding all Academic Libraries to the Web Page area of the software and remove all the current bookmarks, except EBSCO, FirstSearch and Tutor. Please look over the other current bookmarks (listed on the staff resource page) and let Sharon know if there are others you would like to keep. Sharon will change these bookmarks within the next two weeks.
We discussed the need to be informed about specific assignments at the various institutions. Jennifer gave the example that all Freshman at CU Boulder need to take an online tutorial and may ask about it on AskColorado.
We decided that a blog would be a great venue for this type of information sharing. Each library can post 1) Instructions for Remote Access to Databases; 2) Updates on assignments and required/suggested information for them; 3) Feedback for libraries on what type of information they were looking for and suggestions for things to add to web resources. Gail will set up a blog and add all academic libraries. Each will get an email with instructions for logging in and adding to it. Sharon will send Gale everyone’s emails and will link to the blog from the web pages area in the VR software.

VII. Evaluation
Brief discussion about evaluation. Requests were made for statistics, satisfaction surveys, comments from students, perhaps types of questions and types of use.

VIII. Training
It was decided that there are not staff training needs at this time.

IX. Future
It was decided that this meeting among academic participating libraries was helpful. We will have another meeting in January.

Thanks all around!

invitations are posted

Let me know if you want to have more people with separate logins (I'd need their email addresses) or if you prefer to have one shared login per institution.

Auraria Library quick faq

Auraria Library (hours, directions and maps)
-We serve three higher ed institutions:
  1. University of Colorado at Denver which merged -July 2002- administratively with the U of C Health Sciences Center to become UCDHSC with three campuses - Downtown Denver, Fitzimmons at Aurora, and Ninth Avenue & Colorado where Dennison Library is currently located, it will eventually move to Fitz
  2. Metropolitan State College of Denver which has 2 other campuses
  3. and the Community College of Denver which has 5 other campuses
-Our catalog is named Skyline the look and feel of Skyline will be changing near the end of 2005
-We are an active participant in Prospector and use Gold Rush as our linking agent between databases.
-The databases we subscribe to (& many other free ones) may be found through the article databases and indexes page.
-Our off campus access for students is with their name & 9-digit student id.
-Directions are at "access from off-campus" under do it on the home page.
-If they have problems getting in they should consult our Help page
OR email or call the Distance Librarian, 303-556-2791 -- who is coincidentally the only current AskColoAcad participant.

-If you'd like to know more about us to help your patrons click on comments and post one.